Look What I Found


I found this in a pile of old disks I’ve had.


As far as I could tell, there was no keyboard shortcuts back then. (Completely threw me off when I tried to give it a spin.)


I was thinking about installing it. I suppose I’d get the 8-hour trial period anyway.





Through up the years I’ve been collecting SketchUp installers:


What is on the right, next to 2018?:smiley:



:musical_score::musical_score::musical_score:… I never give up…:microphone::musical_score::musical_score::musical_score:

I’d hope to see the new 2019 logo…

This was done on purpose to inspire some to develop extensions on their own.


Be sure to right-click on the installer and choose ‘run as Administrator’ !


Yeah, yeah.

Version 3.1 installed in less than 10 seconds. :smiley:

Actually, there are shortcuts. You can access the window for setting them by going to Tools>Customize>Keyboard


On a slightly faster computer than when released I’m guessing.


I think so. Also not nearly as much stuff to install.

And here’s a fun thing that I’d forgotten about. There’s audible collision detection.

It sounds like someone getting socked in the face in an old video game. :smiley:


I’ve still got that here, it’s the wife yelling Get off me!


I think I have one of those and it is in daily use … strung up in the veg garden to ward off them pesky winged critters!


I have the same version, plus the install disk for version 2.0 that I got somewhat later, bundled with an old version of ArtLantis Render.


I think the next Basecamp SketchUp battle should be with version 2. :smiley:


OK, you made me look. The printing on the 3.0 disk was decidedly better looking than 2.1

The last installed version I still have on my current machine is SU8


I remember getting a bundled version of ArtLantis Render, but it was with ArchiCAD. I remember wondering how to use it with SU.


And this is what I found this summer on my shelf :slight_smile:


that brings back memories
I remember the program not having dimension, I forgot which version finally added them?

I still wear the cap from time to time…