Look Around Tool

The default eye height when using the Look Around Tool is 5’6". How do I change this default, so that it will always be 6’ when I first select the tool?

There is no setting to my knowledge. With more and more usage of VR, this could be a legitimate feature request. On the other hand, VR is used to share and collaborate, so each stakeholder should alter it eventually.
I always thought it depended on the eyeheight of the scale figure, but it’s probably hardcoded somewhere.
it should be a Preference rather then a Model setting, though.
Tapping 6 in your case after you placed the camera would be easier, I guess…

It is hard coded. They just pick scale figures that are about the right height. :smiley:
I wonder if it is something that would be accessible via a ruby script where the user can set a height that is remembered for future use. Then basically what looks like a new Look Around tool.


I guess the average eyeheight is probably changed over the years,
I know my has…
Now, I have passed the max and it is getting smaller :smiley:
Still, we share about the same?

I think so. I guess I’m getting shorter, too. It’s all that gravity. Someone should turn it down a little.

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Being a setting in preference wouldn’t help much.

It’s a bit like asking for top view when starting a new SketchUp instance (which you can achive by saving the view in your a template). The minute (in fact split second) you orbit, the properly saved Top view is gone. Likewise, when orbiting in ‘Look Around’ you will see the eye height changing.

Inputting the new desired value (plus units) and [Enter] sets eye height back where you want it.

You can have the desired eye height(s) saved in a scene which can then be saved as a template. Next time you’ll start SketchUp with this scene plus eye height. Multiple eye heights in different scenes are possible.


Well, thats handy if you got one level, but when you have multple levels, and different heights all the time, you would still have to alter it all the time.
IMO, the eyeheight should be part of the position camera and therefore a Preference rather then a model or template setting.