Logins per email

Hello - I have a Sketchup enhancement request. Allow my login to be used on as many machines as I have licenses. While I think that I understand the limit of three logins per email, that restriction has a negative impact on the workflow in my office. Why is the number of logins limited to 3 instead of 4, or 6? I routinely move between 2 offices and countless conference rooms and it is always a hassle to deauthorize the license every time I am on a different machine.

Would it be possible to provide me with the option to expand the number of logins per email to match our license count?

What you are describing can be considered as a machine based licensing system, whereas SketchUp switched to user-named licensing in 2019 with the subscriptions.
SketchUp licenses have always been personal, except for the network versions. Those are gone now (except for the educational version, but classic licenses keep continue to work, btw.
Trimble introduced the two-factor authentication and Single Sign On this summer, but closing the App won’t sign you out.

You need to sign out and then close the app.

Officially, according to the EULA, you may install on no more than two devices and need to deinstall it when you log out(!)
Enterprise license (contact sales!) may not even install more than the number of seats of the account, basically one on one.
To continue, using the ‘deauthorize devices’ too many times is considered a ’breach of this agreement’.

So, I don’t think this Feature Request has any future😀

That said, if there was an option to automatically sign out when closing the app, it would be more convenient. And launch the app from the AMP.