Login with Google won't work with MFA

I’m trying to log in with my SketchUp account on the desktop application, which is linked to Google. My Google account requires a Yubikey for MFA. When I try to log in, Google blocks me because the Yubikey authentication requires going through Chrome. So I can’t log in. Any suggestions?

I don’t know of a solution myself, but I’ll talk with the engineer responsible for the sign in process on Monday, see if he has ideas.

One work around, if you have a SketchUp Pro subscription, would be to go here:


and remove yourself as the user of the subscription, and add an alternate email of yours for the user. You would then be able to sign in with that other account to use SketchUp, without the other user account getting access to any of your secure Google account stuff.

I see that Yubikey have workarounds for browsers that don’t support U2F, maybe one those ways would work.

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