Login Loop Error - G Suite


Our students and teachers are receiving a login loop error when signing into SketchUp for School with their Google login. I’ve noticed in the Community Forum that a similar issue is occurring for some school boards.

Our G suite domains are @ocsb.ca (teachers) and @stu.ocsb.ca (students). If I’m missing any information, please let me know.


Hi @pear_deck, thanks for the post. I am fairly certain I just say you in a different thread but I’ll reply to this post for the record in case anyone else sees it in the future and has a similar issue.

Login loops are usually caused by a bad cookie or a bad cached file. I would recommend clearing out any cookies or cached files to see if that helps at all.

I also would recommend posting your website if you have one and domain so we can verify you are in our database as an approved domain, just to make sure that the firewall we use is allowing you in to the app correctly although this is not often an issue for login loops.

Finally, make sure you deployed the app correctly as an improper deployment can generate bad cookies and bad cached files from time to time.

If you have already done all of the steps i have outlined and are still seeing the issue then let me know and I’ll talk to the rest of the team to see if we can find a solution for you that will get you up and running again.