LODocumentSaveToFile requires a path, not just a file name


LODocumentSaveToFile appears to be unable to take in a filename without path information. For example, LODocumentSaveToFile(document, "test.layout", LODocumentVersion_Current) returns a SU_ERROR_SERIALIZATION. This is an odd counterpoint to SUModelSaveToFile which does work with just a filename. At the very least, this should be noted in the documentation, if not changed to work as you would expect.


We would expect filenames and relative paths to work from the current working directory.
If beginning with “\” or “/” we’d expect relative to the root of the current drive.
Absolute paths should absolutely work. :wink:


They do, as do relative paths. It is just filenames that do not work it seems.


Ah so, you need to precede filenames with ".\" or "./" ? (That is a bit weird.)


Yup, that is what it seems like from my testing.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll take a look at what’s involved in getting LODocumentSaveToFile to work with relative paths.


@JeremyWalker, actually as reported absolute and relative work, but just plain filenames do not work on the current working directory. (Which is weird.)

So the workaround is to use "./filename.layout" as an argument (which is a relative path,) but is a quirky kind of thing to be required.


Got it. Thanks, Dan.


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