Locking View port in place

Is there a way to lock a view port in place? I keep placing it, then I am working on something, such as labels etc. and don’t notice the viewport has moved. Then I have to stop what I am doing, and relocate it.


If you’re using Layout 18 then you can lock a viewport. With a viewport selected, right click and find lock, I think 4th down. Be aware the viewport will not update in this state.

You can also put your viewports on a separate layer and then lock that layer. It’s more convenient in some ways.

thanks. I was looking but couldn’t find how to do it. G

:+1: if you have lots of viewports, locking layers is quicker.

I have to learn how to do layers. I am clueless on that subject. I need to learn it for SU, LO and photo shop.


SketchUp and Photoshop layers are so completely different it’s dangerous to even think of them in the same sentence. SketchUp has renamed them “tags” now. Layout layers are more similar. Both are really worth checking out.


This is what I used to do in AutoCAD, … and somehow (I can’t remember) I’d hide the borders so I wouldn’t accidentally select them.