Lock Windows Toolbar

Hi Guys… not a bug, just a small suggestion. Can you make the Windows Tool (Model info, Endity info, Scenes, Layers, Ouliner) to lock in place… and not move from a file to another?

Thing is, when you are an old AutoCAD user, you’re used to use ESCAPE key all the time. When I work in Sketchup, I ends up closing my tool windows very often!

Cheers! :grin:

Mmhh, good suggestion, indeed!

What I do to get rid of some keyboard habits is to put a gummi bear (or peanut) on that key. Don’t throw it from its key!

@jonathanpiette (aka “Joe Drafter”) … the inspector windows are supposed to open up where they were when you last closed SketchUp. (But sometimes they open up inside the main SketchUp window, when they were not there before. So there are still bugs in the inspector window UI.)

Add a Feature Request for a check box (on Preferences > Workspace) that will NOT close inspector windows, ie:
[ ] Inspectors ignore ESC key.

Sketchup 2016 have trays… That’s a fix. Cheers guys!