Lock Un-Grouped Edges

I can’t find any information on this so I thought I would make a post and see if anyone else has found an extension or also would like to see it added.

I would like to be able to lock individual edges. This would be very helpful for things like trying to use the smoove tool near an area that must remain flat.

There isn’t a way to lock ungrouped geometry.

You might look at Vertex Tools or Artisan for more control over what gets modified and what doesn’t.

Hey I realized I didn’t word that very well, I’m aware that there isn’t a native way to do this and seems to be no extension either. I am hoping either someone has found a work around or that someone who can might see this and make consider making an extension. That or have it added to the native program.

Thank you for the reply, I edited my post so hopefully it is more clear.

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Just saw your edit. I will check it out, thanks!

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