Smoove sandbox effects multiple layers not just working layer?

When I try to smoove a sandbox item in layer0 the tool also grabs all the sandbox items I have in the other layers trying to smoove them all equally to what I try with the item in layer0.

Is this correct behaver? Do I realy have to “group” and “lock” all the other sandbox items in the other layers to stop them being effected when I work in and display only layer0?


Group, yes. Lock, no. Lock is only for when you lose your mind and try to delete your own work.

You need to learn about SU layers, forthwith, or you’re certain to keep getting into trouble. Read this carefully, and view the embedded video:
Does SketchUp support layers?


Yes I know that is normal.
But in my design I also have to lock the other layers.

Or as I discovered now. I can also right klick the item in layer0 and select “edit group” Then it wont effect the other layers. But it still effects the other layers if i just group the individual layers and not lock them…

Tried to start a new work. And that behaves what I consider normal. It is only in that spesific file/work it behaves strange… hmmm. Guess I have done something strange when I have past the designs down in layers or something.

Thanks. Guess I just have to start again :-/

Layers can’t be locked. Groups and components can. You have to be working very carelessly actually to require locking. In nine years of using SU I never really found a need for it. In the event that I ever do accidentally throw some kind of bad whammy on a group, I need only hit Undo to…you know, undo it.

Your references to layers tell me you haven’t read the article I gave you. Until you do, you are a mistake waiting to happen.

Good luck.