Location selection with draw rectangle - Jittery selection

There must be something wrong that I do. Why is it that I am not able to place the rectangle? please see the Linked clip.

Try to deactivate x-ray, it could be the problem

Yeah, as @rtches pointed out, turning off x-ray should help. When x-ray is turned on, every point in the model becomes inferencable. As you move the cursor, it is jumping to the nearest point and previewing a rectangle. Turning x-ray off will limit the inferencable points to those that you can see from your current vantage point.

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It does not seem like. even with that switched off. it is the same. if I lock it for the horizontal plane, I have to lock the vertical Y axis. Even with the locking and the X-ray turned off, the inferencing is not working normally.

When editing a component, when extending a solid by push-pull, the inferencing is also not working.

Many times it is needed to constrain 2 directions. Is there a plug-in that can do a surface constrain?

Upload your model in order we can help you

Thanks rtches. Here is my model Link.

I realize the Freedo Plugin Draw Along does what I am looking for. I shall try them.

Will you know why I am not able to see this Axes menu as shown in Aaron’s video for Sketchup 2021. I am using 2021 Pro.

Capture d’écran 2023-11-11 à 10.05.56

I see them.

you’re on a PC, it could be that the panel opens outside the screen. do you have one or two screens right now ?
you could try this to see if you can make the window come back to your screen

Yes, I am using a W10 PC. I have only 1 screen. I did that. It did not appear from hiding. But incidentally, now the context menu appears on right click to the axes. Thanks.

glad it worked :slight_smile:

it’s a good trick to know, when your software seems to freeze or to not work, it might be that a panel is displayed right outside of the screen. this solution will either bring it back or, like in your case, reset it

Your problem is that some of your edges are not at the same level so is imposible to draw an horizontal rectangle. Change the edges style to color by axes and it will help you. In addition, there are some lines (the black ones) that do not parallel with the axes.

That’s not incidentally, that is how it works. Like other operations appearing in the ‘Right Click’ context menu when clicking on an axis. (Place / Reset / etc.)

I cleaned up the lines I had to draw those lines to find out why there was a difference in column heights.

I started to see that on some of the beams after push pulling them they ended on the opposite columns not aligned to the height. Yes, the color by axes would have helped.

A rectangle can be drawn even if a column is sticking through that. The floor that I am trying to draw will keep the columns within it.

Aaron, I thought that should be likely. When I try there seems to be more elements in the background that is noise for the inferencing.

I wish SU takes on board the Freedo methods.


It’s because all the faces become transparent and you can see through all the elements on your model, its useful some times when you move an element and instead of snapping where you want it to, it moves closer to the camera.

What are those?

Freedo methods: The draw along plug in. Draw on a plane. Inferencing to edges and others.

You should try 2023 version. 2021 is not going to be updated.
And please check the topic as solved.

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Are you saying that the Freedo functionalities included under the plug-in Draw-along are available in the SU 2023 version? I shall take a look. I have the trial for SU 2023 for a month.

Some of them, you can force inference to planes, edges, etc