Locating SketchUp 2018 registry keys

My client has sketchup 2018 pro. In previous versions (2016-2017), I was able to deploy sketchup via MSI file and then add registry keys to disabled splash screen, accept eula, set default template, etc. I can’t find the same registry keys in SU 2018 Pro. For example, the Common key (where the eula) registry is located is not there. The preferences key is missing as well. Has there been a drastic change in registry entries for 2018?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Preferences have been tidied up and made portable. You can find them in:
…/<user>/Application Data/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/SharedPreferences.json
and AcceptedEULA in:
…/<user>/Local/SketchUp/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/PrivatePreferences.json

Is that the full location of preferences and is that something that can just be deployed (ie, copied) to the destination?

No, I used an ellipsis to indicate that depending on your operating system there can be a different rat tail in front of it (like drive letters and other indeterministic stuff). You should try it out and look it up on your system.

I don’t think copying or manipulating preferences is a supported, documented, API-like way to interact with SketchUp. Especially the keys under “This Computer Only” are not guaranteed to be applicable to other computers without unwanted side effects (for example keys referring to window positions depend on this computer’s display size). You can of course copy a single key if you are sure you know what it does and that is what you want.

My guess is that the sharedpreferences.json would be the only one I need to deploy. I’ll test it out. Thanks.

Preferences Location

The majority of preferences are now stored in two json files. There are still some OS controlled preferences that remain in the registry (Win) or plist (Mac). The json files are saved in the following locations:

On Win:
PrivatePreferences.json is saved to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp
SharedPreferences.json is saved to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp

On Mac:
Both PrivatePreferences.json and SharedPreferences.json are saved to /Users//Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp

• SketchUp Help Center : Release Notes (rev. 2018)

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