SketchUp Pro 2018 Bug Splats when importing Preferences



I have a nice new install of Windows 10 Pro & SketchUp Pro 2018, and when importing my shortcut preferences and closing all the dialog boxes that prompt to overwrite the shorcuts (with either yes or no), after the last one is closed, SketchUp bug splats… any way that SketchUp has another place to overwrite the preferences.dat that isn’t through the application?

Runtime Error! when closing SketchUp

Did you install SketchUp by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator?


Indeed I did. I have un-installed, re-installed, done a repair, downloaded and used the latest installer from the website.

Done as a clean install without plugins, and with the plugins the shortcuts refer to.

Installed as administrator, run normally, and as admin, and always the same result.


List of the shortcuts that change:
(T) Tools/Tape Measure - to - Tools/Rotate
(Q) Tools/Rotate - to - Camera/Position Camera
(K) View/Edge Style/Back Edges - to - Camera/Look Around
(B) Tools/Paint Bucket - to - Draw/BezierSpline curves/Uniform B-Spline
(H) Camera/Pan - to - Edit/Hide

Preferences file if you want to check it:
Sketchup 2018 Shortcut (2.7 KB)


Perhaps the shortcut file contains shortcuts to missing menu entries, a extensions you no longer use or removed SketchUp features, and SketchUp can’t handle this. Just an idea.


Strange thing is… I can bring it into another install on a different PC & no issues.

Even If I bring the shortcuts in on a clean install it gives an issue. Seems I can’t get past “(H) Camera/Pan - to - Edit/Hide” as there are numerous ones after that that change as well


What happens if you save it to a name that does not yet exist ?

There have been some issues that are thought to be permissions issues with the latest Win10 update. (Exporting to PDF file from LayOut is a biggie.)

Can you check access to the file from the SketchUp Ruby console ?

For a file "prefs.dat" on your Desktop …


For a file anywhere else …


If you paste a path from Windows file explorer that has backslashes, you MUST use single quotes around the pathname string !

I suppose a plugin could directly write values into the registry, IF they are still kept there.

(Ie, for SU2018, many user settings have been migrated to JSON data files that are saved in the user’s %AppData% folder path. See Release Notes.)


For a file anywhere else … works fine

File.writable_real?(File.expand_path(“D:/Documents/MEGA/Library/Sketchup/Sketchup 2018 Shortcut Preferences.dat”))

I could always edit this in worst case


P.S. - You don’t need to use File.expand_path for absolute paths. It expands the tilde (~) to the ENV['USERPROFILE'] path on Windows (ENV['HOME'] on Unix-like OSes.)

This shortcut set was working fine for you last when and where ? (ie, old computer, OS, SketchUp version?)

Were there any recent additions to the shortcuts made ?

(Ie, I notice you have some set the the arrow keys, so i wonder.)


Thanks Dan, I’m not all too familiar with the language, yet.

The shortcut set was working fine on the same Computer (no hardware changes), OS upgraded from Win7Pro to Win10Pro (Clean install), Same SketchUp version (2018 Pro), same plugins

The Arrow Keys I use for ROTATE90 where I’m used to the inference locking on Green/Red/Blue, so I use them with shift to Rotate Groups/Components around those axes


Ok thanks, so … everything was the same, just an upgrade to Windows 10.

There are quite a lot of shortcuts in your .dat file. Perhaps pare it down manually.

Usually the best approach to testing is a binary test. Make a copy and eliminate half of the plugins or setting in this case. Try it. If success then the problem was in the half eliminated. If not, eliminate half the remainder, etc. Repeat until the culprit is found.


Sounds like a good idea. Thanks Dan


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