Where is SketchUp2018 HtmlDialog preferences stored?

Up to SU2017 on Windows HtmlDialog and WebDialog preferences (positions) are stored in the registry. I regularly delete these values when working on my extensions to see how dialogs appear in their initial state when the user first starts the extension. However I can’t find these values in SU2018. I can’t find them in appdata either. Does anyone know where they have gone?

aren’t they in the .json file?


Not in SharedPreferences.json. I don’t know if there is another JSON file elsewhere.

I thought they were in PrivatePreferences.json, but I just checked and they are still in the .plist file on a mac…

so basically there are now 3 places for prefs on each mac SU version…


Where do you find PrivatePreferences? I can’t find it on my machine (Win 7).

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp\PrivatePreferences.json

[ Don’t ask… about ‘why?’ ! ]

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You should use Everything, that software Felix pushed us to use, back in Sireköpinge.
I use it daily since then!

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Ah. I was looking in roaming.

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