Loading many models, compontents and slowing down

Dear all,

I’ve been using SketchUp for some while now as a hobbyist and a teacher. I render my models with Lumion and will start learning Vray anytime soon. The reason for this is that Lumion is not compatible with mac and I have to use a Bootcamp program. As a teacher, my students work with SketchUp to create interior designs. The program is very easy to use and offers many options for creating good designs. I do have a question about this that I don’t get answered properly. Perhaps you can help me with this matter.

When too many components, products, models or ‘‘items’’ are imported, the program starts to run slower and slower. Of course I teach the students to work with components. But still the program becomes very slow when too much furniture is placed in it.
What could I do to load objects without the program getting too slow? Is there a way to not fully load objects or lower polygons for smooth design?

On YouTube tutorials I have seen that some people do something that only outlines are shown and not the whole model. When these are rendered later they come back. So in short my question is: How can I load more models without slowing down the program?

Any tip is appreciated and very welcome! Thank you all.

*Btw the students use a Windows computer

  • Create those models yourself as low-poly models or look for such models;
  • If the project involves rendering in Lumion, you can create only the space (walls, floors, etc…) in SketchUp, and for the furniture use the objects from the Lumion library;
  • Also, you can temporarily replace your furniture with proxy objects (components) or you can use an extension that creates proxies from complex objects.