Load error (Disperse Components)

Hey there,

Has anyone got finally the solution to this problem? I have tried uninstalling & installing SketchUp Pro as administrator but the problem remains.


Check compatibility

in SU Make 2017

Hey mihai, how do I check compatibility?

Brand new pc and installed SketchUp 2019 for a couple of weeks ago. Problem started last week.

And when did you install the Disperse Components extension?

For compatibility, see that I have highlighted in red.

geeees, I never installed that extention although I see it in the extention manager, you do mean that if I uninstall the extention I would get rid of the problem?

Someone installed that extension. It doesn’t come native with SketchUp. Removing it from the Plugins folder will of course stop it trying to load and throwing that error.

weird…it is only me using this pc and I do not know this extention. The extention is not even installed, how can I get rid (delete) of it?..sry I’m a newer with SketchUp?

Done :smile:

Found out how to removed it from the extention manager. Thanks for your help