Extension has disappeared: how can i find all my extension?

extension was disappear how can i find all my extension?
please help.

  1. free plan 2023 ? you’re using the trial ?
  2. the menu looks like you have no extensions installed / activated. can you check in the extension manager?

there are 5 extention in use but there have some are disappear.

i try to use T2H .

The screenshot clearly shows errors loading T2H. We have no way to know what other errors may have been reported in the part of the console that is scrolled off. It is possible for failure to load one extension to cause SketchUp 2023 to skip loading the rest. I suggest you contact the author of the extension. There is a contact email in the extension manager listing you showed.

I agree. You might also try disabling the T2H building extension and restart.
See if this helps the other extensions finish their load.

Tak2hata hasn’t been around on SketchUcation for a few years, and the toolset you are trying to use is very old [~2014]. Its PluginStore’s compatibility listing says suitable for v2013 & v2014, so I expect it’s almost certainly not compatible with newer versions of SketchUp & their Ruby versions.
So you should uninstall it… and retry starting SketchUp…

Oh, that’s too bad. I use Stretch by Area all the time. I think it’s still working in 2024, but I guess that could need replacement soon.

Some extensions will work in newer SketchUp versions even if they are very old, but just be aware that the more complex they are the more likely that they will fails one day soon…