Livesync Revit to SketchUp

Hi there! Is it possible to livesync revit to sketchup? I emailed sketchup and they said they are unaware if it is possible.

There are skp exporters available for revit on the autodesk store. Would that work for you, or is “live” a requirement?

Since RVT files are proprietary, there is not much we can do from the SketchUp side of things… to get Revit info into SketchUp, it has to be pushed from Revit into SketchUp (or pulled, as the case maybe). Not sure if anyone is trying to do that “live”…

Does Revit implement OLE automation ?

Trimble Connect is most likely to have that kind of capability…

now or in the future…


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You can allready load several models of different origines in the viewer.
The only thing that is missing is the ability to draw directly in that viewer (but then it wouldn’t be a viewer, anymore)
Or, have the ability to import other fileformats in SketchUp as reference. Maybe the fileformat that Trimble Connect is using for it’s Viewer (all files are converted during upload)
Not imported by SketchUp importers, but merely as OpenGL.

Naaaa, don’t think so.
But, it has a great Api allowing all kind of things… including TO’s question.