Sync between SketchUp and Revit

Hi everyone, currently I’m working in engineering company. Most of 3d done there using Revit. I just want to ask, is there possibility i can sync SketchUp model into Revit.

for example, i did some roof to the building and it automatically update into Revit?

Your profile says you are using the SketchUp “Free Plan” which doesn’t have any interface option with Revit. SketchUp Studio does, however.

SketchUp Free is web based and is not for commercial use anyway.

What operating system and graphics card are you using? Please correct your forum profile.

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alright sorry about that. idk ppl see it. just update my profile info

You can import from Revit with SketchUp Importer, also you can export your model to Ifc format and import it in Revit but is not sync.
The only way you can do that is with Speckle but there are a few limitations, you should read about that.

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ah yeah, thanks. i will check that out. Great info :+1: