Live Modeling the Nightmare Before Christmas with Eric

What falls between Halloween and Christmas? That’s right! The Nightmare Before Christmas! Join @eric-s as he shows us some impressive modeling skills by live modeling Jack Skelington’s manor, live on YouTube!

2022-11-18T19:00:00Z on YouTube!

Speaking of nightmares, I had one last night as I was thinking how I’m going to model this in one session! Here’s what I found for reference:


The logo means “Happiness”. I didn’t check if the person who made that comes from the same region as my ancestors.

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Thanks everyone for watching today. We came so close to finishing but we knew it was an ambitious model for 2 hours. Roof details and tower still to come before posting to 3DW later today!


Hello @eric-s,
I found time to watch the recording, again a very well done model!
Regarding the use of the drop plugin: I mostly use the plugin ThrowTo (Tak2hata) for this, here you can define the direction (also upwards).


Here you go!

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Thanks @Cotty for the suggestion. Will have to check that extension out.

Sorry I missed the Live Show but I was still Wishing for the Extended Time. Thanks Eric and Team!

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