Live Components Usage Survey

I was curious how widely adopted the "Live Components: feature is used so I created this quick survey; all are wellcome to respond…
it is anonomous and you can see the results as the responses add up…

Just refined the questions slightly for clarity… feel free to suggest improvements

Great survey idea!

Suggestion for an additional response: “Currently I do not use LCs, but I would if they had the ability to report attributes.”

@rwamoore Thanks Ryan… noted … will just keep this one simple atm… but that could be a trigger for a feature request survey on LC’s

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How do we make our own? Is there a tutorial somewhere?
They show real potential (bit like DCs)

I’d pay somebody to make some for me!

Unfortunately i could not find tutorials for the live components (yet), but (once you figured out how to…) you can try make your own @

just discovered there are tutorials at top right corner at the creator website.

Just an update of the survey responses to date for those who have not completed the survey…

PS it is only one question and takes barely a minute!

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You just posted a link to edit the form. I could have changed every question to say “I am a farthead”

hahaha ok… do you see the edit option on the original survey link ? Google forms is pretty vague on helps… I thought it was only in view / comment share but of course I see the edit option as the creator…

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No that one’s fine.

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