Live Components are not working

When you go to live components and click something such as a window, I get an era saying I found a place tremble hasn’t been to yet. Need these live components ASAP for a competition I’m working on!

Is there a specific item you are looking at? I do not see any issues when I try to pull up LCs on the web or in SU

Then you can poke the European server a little, because it doesn’t work for me either. :frowning:

(But I don’t need anything from 3DWH right now. :wink: )

I also have the same problem with LCs

Maybe it is a regional thing… I wonder if @colin has any idea where to look…

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Can you reach this page in a regular browser?:

Example window

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Works for me. Finland.

There are several different behavior I noticed in Germany:

  1. If I try to click on the link in a browser (Chrome, Edge), the error message come with a buffalo picture:
    " You have found a place Trimble hasn’t been to … yet.
    Please check the URL and try again."
    I can locate the it in a browser:

    But If I click on it, it will bring me to the page with buffalo.

  2. When I open the internal 3DWH (Menu>Window>3D Warehause) similar things happening then above.

  3. I can locate it in a Component Try, then I can grab into the model and open the configuration window:


  4. If I click on the “blue link”:
    then it will open the internal 3DWH with the buffalo. ( You have found a place Trimble hasn’t been to … yet.)
    BUT, BUT:

  5. If I click on the “green link” to [SketchUp Labs]
    then this will direct me to the internal 3DWH with a Panda: " OH NO! WE CAN’T FIND IT… :("

If I’m trying to click on any of the live components in SU labs collection (in an internal or external 3DWH browser) I get same buffalo as in case 1.

Im in the UK using Version 21.0.392 and have the same problem with Live Components

@TheGuz @petersaal Is there someone who could look into this? Why would people in the UK or Germany not get through to the pages ok.

From British Columbia, Canada.

Still works here, both with Chrome and from SketchUp. Can it be a regional issue - I thought I was as much in Europe as @dezmo or @rmsabey

There are probably multiple servers per area, and not necessarily by continent or by country. I can also imagine that one half of a country is connected to “here” and the other half is “there” …

We’ve been able to reproduce the error here. We’re looking into it.


Same error happening here in Aus.

Hi all. Thank you for your patience. Things should be back to normal.
Let us know here if you still experience the 404 yak.