Live components not working

Live components are not working for me today. I have a working internet connection but regardless if I am in 3D warehouse through Sketchup or a browser I am getting errors.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 9.48.07 AM

Update: I got it to work by signing out but found another bug. While working on the Benchtop Kitchen Cabinets Module, when I try to change the benchtop thickness, the entire component disappears. Any thoughts?

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I was getting that message last night - haven’t tested yet today to see if it’s still there, but you’re not the only one :slight_smile:

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I got this message at 3DBC, I had to sign out and sign to SketchUp again and it came back to life.

I didn’t get the message that told me to do that though… just the clock

Please post each bug separately so they can be separately marked as solved and to avoid confusing cross-conversations.


There was a brief outage with sign-in yesterday, it might be related. Without the user being signed in, they cannot connect to the service.