Live component created by Sketchup Labs brought into SU2021-pro caused hard crash

Silly me thinking it would be possible to modify a Live Component created by SU Labs brought into my SU2021-pro without crashing the program hard. Honestly, … what was I thinking.

Try for yourself. Bring the SU Labs sliding glass door which lists as using inches in the model description, but displays in mm into your own SU2021-pro model then attempt to configure it in inches if that is what your model uses which is what my own does. Backup your work before trying this as in my experience you have a good chance of precipitating a hard crash. Live Components have been available from SU Labs for how long ??? Years I think. Honestly, very disappointing.

The SketchUp Labs features are in preview/beta/testing/experimental phases - hence the Labs.
Crashes are to be expected.

It’s unhelpful that it shows that the model is in inches - maybe that’s something you can report as part of this testing phase.

I would guess you are trying to force a value smaller than the minimum that the model creator has allowed - by trying to enter values in inches.
Here in the graph we can see what the min/max values that can be used are.
We can also see that the creator has set this file as having a soft limit, which allows you to try and override the min/max that is defined , which is causing you the issue.

If I type any value for width smaller than 1200 it removes the live component, it doesn’t crash SketchUp 2022 or cause any data loss for me however.

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