SU 8 Pro Crash on File Menu and Settings

Hello everyone! I have a strange one for you. maybe you can help.

I have a freshly installed system on a new computer and installed there my legacy SU8. All works so far, but I have a pretty aggravating problem. When I mouse on the file menu or want to access the Settings throught the other menu pane, SU crashes immediately. What could be the cause? I searched the far reaches of google to no avail. HELP. Could it be some broken or otherwise malfunctioning DLL?

Thanks in advance

Can you confirm that you are using SketchUp 8 on Windows, and not SketchUp 2019 on Mac (that is in your profile)?

It looks like you have a subscription, is there a reason to still be using SketchUp 8, and not SketchUp 2022?

For the crash itself, I’m not sure what is going wrong.

If anybody has an idea about the crash and what’s causing it then I’m all ears.

Well, I once had a very strange crash also, so we are in the same boat, I guess?

I don’t think SketchUp version 8 can be made to work on a new M1 Mac with the newest OS. Why don’t you try version 2022?