Live component can't connect to server and then "Live Component has timed out"

My hello to everyone :wave:
What’s wrong?
Help, please. did not show any outage for the Materia service.

Were you logged into Trimble, all things SketchUp ?

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yes, i have logged in before and double checked it.

If it is still a problem. Try a log in recycle. (Log out, then log back in.)

I did it but it didn’t help.
Thank you.

Is it only 1 component or all components that you have the problem with ?

Is it one of your live components ? (If so, add it to the original post at the top of this topic.)

If it is a warehouse component, please add the URL to the original post.

I’ve had this before (at 3D basecamp even!) try signing out out of SketchUp , quitting and trying again

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Okay I just tested this myself and I also get this error message in the Configure dialog.

I opened the Chrome DevTools and I see several errors in the Console.

Details (click to expand)
Uncaught ReferenceError: lcglue is not defined
    at ?version=2022&units=in:27
316.lcglue.js:2 Object
  message: "Attempting to instantiate an SDK engine"
  source: "Engine"
  __proto__: Object
316.lcglue.js:2 client id:  ce7f5fb3-e87a-40ab-8368-6635d28afa07
316.lcglue.js:2 Object
  message: "Successfully instantiate an SDK engine"
  source: "Engine"
  __proto__: Object Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 ()
lcglue.js:1 Failed to establish connection with engine:
lcglue.js:1 Error: When fetching oauth token for Materia: You must be logged in. User does not exist for key AuthKey ef04a09b-6b47-46ab-b3b9-3e3d78efb676
    at t.<anonymous> (lcglue.js:1)
    at lcglue.js:1
    at (lcglue.js:1)
    at s (lcglue.js:1)

(The “failed to load resource” error repeats 11 more times.)

I opened the 3D warehouse in my external browser, signed out, then signed back in.

Restarted SU2022 and open a test model with a LC. I got this message box at startup:


But the SketchUp interface showed that I was signed in. An attempt to sign out from the Help menu or the toolbar button did not work.

It always says “Your not connected to the internet”. But I have U-verse DSL Broadband Internet with my machine wired directly into an Wi-Fi extender sitting on my desk.
I have to recheck “Welcome Dialog” in preferences, restart SketchUp, then do a sign out & sign in cycle from the Welcome Window dialog during the startup cycle. This is only way I can successfully do a fresh sign in from any of the recent SketchUp versions (since ~v20.)

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You were totally right about ALL things of sketchup. In the morning i’m finding my mistake - didn’t take to account “logging out” of exactly sketchup program, before i did it in web browser(trimble, sketchup), and have supposed about sync :woman_facepalming:
Thanks a lot for full feedback and sorry for my previous misunderstanding.

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