List of extensions related to SketchUp crashing



It has been pointed out in some forums that extensions can be causing SketchUp to crash. Some people report SketchUp crashing on startup while some others at closing and some in the middle of work.
No one seems to be able to identify the culprit.
Can someone at Trimble create a database where we can all report the extensions we currently use and therefore narrow down a few candidates or combination of candidates that cause crashing?


It doesn’t help to point out the culprit extensions. A faulty extension (written in Ruby) should at worst print an exception to the Ruby console, not crash. It’s not necessarily these extensions, but SketchUp that cause a crash. That is because SketchUp’s Ruby API is so extensive that the possibilities of combining its methods are infinite, and it’s very likely that edge cases (bugs in SketchUp) are uncovered which have not been considered in the design of the API. Basically by providing an API, a software company organizes a huge fuzzy testing (in addition to the excellent QA).

What you request is like a public bug tracker. There is already one (for defined and reproducible errors) for the Ruby API. There is also this forum. If you have an example culprit that you think might be related to issues you have, you can open a new forum thread and people can

And if you get a crash, you should fill in and submit the bugsplat report. Maybe this could be extended to attach a list of installed extensions if the user agrees.