How to detect the reason of crash?

SketchUp crashes from time to time when using my plugin. How can I track down the reason of crashing?

Do you use rescue clauses in your methods ?

Do you wrap all file IO operations in beginrescueend blocks ?

Do you wrap all geometry creation within model.start_operationmodel.commit_operation blocks ?

meaning that you should code defensively.

Do you know what the last part of your code that ran successfully, before the crash occurred ?

meaning that you can insert temporary puts statements into the code that output to the console whilst debugging.

Does BugSplat trap the crash ?

If so, you can read the logs while they are in the Temp folder before you send them to Trimble.
(They’ll get erased after you send them.)

If not, have you tried to see if Windows Error Reporting logged the crash ?
Check these paths …


Any crash reports for SketchUp will have "SketchUp.exe" in the folder name. (These are compressed folders, by the way.)

You most likely have to login to an Admin account in order to open these folders.
or look up the error information the the Windows Event Viewer. (You’ll find it under Windows Administrative Tools if they are installed.)

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Please check the following forum.

SU has a big problem. Small dimensions cause SU to terminate silently!!! Try not to have edges less than 0.01 inches in your plugin.

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