Lines problem (beginner)


Can anyone explain me why I have these discontinued lines and bold lines in my project? They disrupt my work

Thank you.

caelus.skp (6.6 MB)

The broken lines are hidden geometry that you can hide with View Menu → Show Hidden Geometry. Unless you have a reason for the lines being there, you might as well delete them. In your screenshot, they’re in the same plane and not really doing anything there, so I’d delete those ones. Other times they are hidden lines that form part of curved surfaces and you’d want to keep those and keep them hidden. The bold lines could be profiles. Turn them off in the style or in View Menu → Edge Style → Profile.

Thank you.

But if I delete this line, the furniture will be broken.


That’s not the lines you showed in the first screen shot. That line has two perpendicular faces attached. Yes if you delete that one, the faces will disappear. If you want to make it look like the white stripe at the other end of the desk, unsoften it and unsmooth it with shift-option erase tool (might be shift control on windows). Select the edge and look at Entity Info. It will have smooth and soften selected. Untick both of those (or use the erase tool) to get a ‘normal’ edge.

Showing hidden geometry is a preference. Sometimes you’ll want to see them and edit them, other times you won’t.

Thank you so much you helped me a lot