Annoying line in my way

I’ve never had this problem before but I made this cazebo by making one half and copy and paste to save time but this time i have this line i can’t erase without messing it up even though I connected the points together. If I erase the line i have to re-do that whole section.

Why don’t you hide the line instead? Hold Shift while clicking on it with the Eraser tool.

I tried that but there looks like there’s a crack as is if it’s not connected

Is there a face inside? Hide or delete it.

It would really be much easier to give you an exact answer without the back and forth if you would share the SKP file.

It says the file is too big, makes no sense, i’ve uploaded skp file before but here’s a close up

It’s entirely possible (and sensible) that your file is too big. You could purge unused stuff and perhaps get it down below the 3 Mb limit. Else upload it to the 3D Warehouse and provide the link.

Nice close up but it doesn’t really provide any applicable information.

I’ll try thet, sorry about the close up but if you look to the middle of the floor you can see a line still where I’ve hidden the lines, it looks like it’s not completely connected even I matched one point to an other, not sure what i did wrong and it’s only the floorcazebo floor.skp (311.2 KB)

Not at my computer now but I expect that line you see on the floor is the face in the seam between halves of the model.delete the face and the line will be gone

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Thank you so much, i never thought of that, much appreciated

That’s what you mean if I do not get it wrong, right?

In this situations I often hide the face instead of deleting it. If the face is kept Push-Pull next to it works more as expected and to hide the newly created lines you can double click the face to quickly select them all. It also allows you to see the volume in Entity Info if that is useful for you.