Lines not touching but where?

How can you see where lines are not touching yet so that you don’t get a solid surface?

It depends on eacyly what’s going on. Might need to zoom in or obit the camera. Maybe change the style and set Profiles to 1 or off. Maybe simply double clicking with Select on an edge to see what gets selected. Might use the Text tool to show the coordinates of the end points of the edges to see if they lie on the same plane.

If you can share your .skp file it would be much easier to give you guidance.

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The maximum size is 16 mb. Mined is almost 25. How can i post it?

It is big because i’m new to it. It probably can a lot better.

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Upload it to Drop Box or Wetransfer and share the link.

Don’t worry. I’ll probably be able to show you how you can prune it down to not be so big. :wink:

I think this works?

Problem with the surface at the frontwindow inside.

I know there are a lot more open surfaces but i know how to fix them i think.

A technique that I use is to activate the Move tool, make sure nothing is selected, then click on an end-point and begin to move it with the mouse. See what is coming along for the ride. Press ESCape to cancel the move when you have learned what is connected.

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That worked.

I see the missing faces in your window group. For clarity I’ve made a copy of the group and exploded it. You can fix yours by editing the group instead.

There are faces missing on the edges ans well as the inside surface of the frame.

With the Line tool, connect the bottom inside and outside corners to complete the faces on the ends and bottom.

For the inside face of the frame I would connect the corners with temporary edges. See the left end below.

That created the face for the inside of the frame but it also skinned over a couple of the openings. No tragedy, though. Trace the two edges I show selected, below. You’ll see the edges of those opening change from heavy profile edges to normal edges.

Select and delete the faces inside.
Screenshot - 3_17_2022 , 9_04_09 AM

I’m not sure what process you used to create the window in the first place. It is certainly possible to create this without missing faces but it is repairable.

I would suggest that you either wait until your model geometry is complete to add materials or work in Monochrome face style so you can keep up on reversed faces. Note the red faces (other than the ones in the window frame with missing faces. You shouldn’t have any exposed back faces in your 3D objects. There’s also Z-fighting on the near windows because you have two faces trying to share the same space. Door on the opposite side and the steps need attention, too.

Other things. First make sure you are using tags correctly. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Keep in mind that exploding a tagged group or component will result in the contents inheriting the tag. If that’s raw geometry the immediate next step after Explode would be to remove the tag from the geometry in Entity Info. The geometry will be selected right after Explode so you won’t need to select it to fix it if you need to do so. I’ve used a plugin to fix the incorrect tag use to show how many edges and faces weretagged.
Screenshot - 3_17_2022 , 9_15_49 AM
Also get in the habit of purging unused stuff from your model. Especially components and materials. Deleting a component or replacing a material in the model space does not eliminate it from the file. You have to intentionally purge that stuff when you really don’t need it anymore. Again, I used a plugin to do this because it gives a report of how much was purged. You can do the same thing without the report via Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused.
Screenshot - 3_17_2022 , 9_16_11 AM

This purging reduced the file size by almost 99%.

I didn’t fix the window frame in this file. You should do that.
Poppenhuis Peter Nieuw purged.skp (281.1 KB)

I’m going to translate this first for me because English is not my best language. When i get it, i come back. Thank you so much for so far.


Poppenhuis Peter Nieuw purged.skp (376.8 KB)
I think I made it as I should for now.

Which plugin did you use for those tags?

And how do you make it so that if you edit a group, the rest disappear? I would also like to know how to add something to a group. For example, a component from the market.

I used Default Tag Geometry by TIG from Sketchucation.

Window>Model Info>Components. Tick the Box for Hide Rest of Model.
Screenshot - 3_17_2022 , 1_49_40 PM
I set up a keyboard shortcut for each of those two checkboxes so I can hide and unhide without stopping whatever I’m doing.

I assume you mean the 3D Warehouse. If you’ve imported the object into your model already you can select it, use Edit>Cut and then open the group for editing and use Edit>Paste in place. Then the component will be inisde the group.

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