Lines in crown moulding

Hello all,

Still learning SketchUp, just created a piece of solid crown moulding to apply to a cabinet I’m building. I found a profile I liked, then used the Line and 2 Point Arc tools to draw over it and create a component. It looks fine when I Push/Pull it in its own file. But when I copy and paste it to use in my cabinet model I get these horizontal lines. ( I did Weld the lines before copying and pasting)

What an I doing wrong?

Here’s the .SKP file of the moulding
Solid Crown Image model.skp (117.3 KB)

Here’s an image of what it looks like pasted into the cabinet model

Turn off Hidden Geometry in the View menu.

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Thanks Dave! btw, I learned a lot of what I know from your FWW course earlier this year.

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