Crown Molding won't extrude

Hi…I spent 2 hours making this victorian crown molding, and cannot seem to make it extrudable. I used a high zoom to look at the lines and they “seem” intact. I’m thinking tyhe issue might be that when I did some smoothing with the arc tool, I may not have extracted the left over lines (I did try tho). Is there a way to smooth out lines and curves with the ability to automatically delete the line that needed smoothing? I appreciate your help. Thank You. RoB in NY

Your best bet will be to post a copy of the SketchUp file (.skp). It’s really hard to trouble shoot a 3d model from a single 2d screenshot.

The image you attached does not appear to show a face within the profile outline. Followme needs a face to extrude, not just an outline.

The fact that a face didn’t form is usually due to two issues: either there is a gap somewhere in the outline, or the outline is not planar.

The latter is easier to check than the former. Draw diagonals between various points on the outline and see whether that causes smaller triangular faces to form. If so, the outline points are not coplanar. I will usually draw a profile on a larger rectangle just so that inferencing will assure all the points of all the pieces lay on the same plane.

Finding the former is much more tedious because the gaps may be minuscule and to see them you have to zoom at just the right spot. Doing the triangular stitching can help though, because faces will determinedly fail to form where there is a gap.

Or there is at least one little edge protruding inward, inside and coplanar with the perimeter.
It will also prevent SketchUp creating a face when tracing an edge in the perimeter.

Yes, good catch! If he was editing by adding curves, that is a likely possibility.

Rob, in addition to all the other good advice you got, here’s another suggestion. Start by drawing a rectangle onto which you can draw the shape of the molding. When you have the profile completed, delete the perimeter of the rectangle leaving the profile face. This will help you make sure all the curves are on axis.

Is your crown molding drawing supposed to represent an existing profile? There doesn’t seem to be a flat surface for mounting it.

On another note, do you really like the layout of toolbars and the extra wide tray? Do you need to have the redundancy in tools and all that empty space? It seems to me you could make more efficient use of the space and get more screen real estate for the drawing window.


I see. Well, that’s fine.

Dave…Sorry for those caps. The customer brought me a very damaged piece of molding, and I had to second guess the shape. Anywho, I just kept trying for 3 hours and finally came up with a modestly acceptable solution, thanks to the advice and guidance of people like you. Thankyou.

Good enough.

Looks like it’s upside down. Or you have a green sky over water? :smiley:

Nah…I just wanted a horizontal view. My rotating skills are not there
yet. Here’s a sign for a local plumber I rendered.

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Triple DDD yep, that’s it…Their voicemail says “Please leave your
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