Lines between components


Is there a way to erase the small lines between the components? I’d like it to be one fluid frame, not consisting of individual pieces.


Make the parts of solid components and use Union or Outer Shell from the solid tools to combine them. If you only have loose geometry you can erase the lines one by one.

BTW, when modelling for render, this kind of “cleanliness” is usually not required, as the result will look the same. Separate parts are also often easier to modify so it is often best to clean up only after the model is otherwise finished.

Oh great, thanks. I have no idea what I did exactly, but they’re gone.

Edit: how do I render the drawing to get the result in your picture?

There are many different rendering apps that work with SketchUp. I used V-Ray, but for a simple thing like this turning off profiles and edges and turning on shadows often creates quite enough of a “render”.