Different drawings, same component, different lines


I have a few different drawings where I use the same component (made bij myself).
In the first drawing there are lines I can see, in the other there is’nt. Have someone an idea how it is come?

I already tryed with different styles and erasertool, but didn’t help. I’d like to see the lines!!

Thank You,

Could you share the component? Or better, the SketchUp files that show the difference.

Thanks for response!
I can’t share the SU files, they’re to big and confidential.

You give us little to go on. It looks as if the edges have been softened or hidden in the second view but that’s only a guess. Another possibility would be that you painted the edges of the component white and in the view you have edge color set to By Material. They are just guesses based on almost no useful information.

Another possibility (the screenshots are so very small) is that you have the edges hidden, and that the second file has Hidden Geometry turned on. Again, just a guess.


Is it possible to just share the component?

Line styles are controlled by the “drawing”… so what the lines looked like in the component when you created it will not matter, as they will be controlled by the current model’s style. It’s possible that you have two different styles in the two different models, so the same component looks different (as @Anssi pointed out, it’s really too hard to tell from the screen shots).

Hope that helps!