Line weights when splitting geometry

Ello:) i just noticed something that i have never noticed before. I used the line tool and when i drew a line across a closed surface, it made the new line thicker, and one of the existing lines thinner.

check the GIF:

thanks for looking. I know it has something to do with the newly created face/surface. But i would like the new line to be the thinner of the two. I just need this one line to be thinner.


How about uploading the SKP file before you draw that line across?

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ok, its a uncompleted floor plan im working on of my current student apartment

brigham place.skp (173.5 KB)

OK. So the reason that vertical line goes thin is because it’s no longer a profile edge. This is expected behavior. That normal, non-profile edge is dividing two faces. The horizontal edge that you draw defines the edge of a new face.

You can see that much of your plan has no faces if you orbit the camera a bit.

If you are planning to make this a 3D model, I would recommend modeling only the walls first and extruding them to height. Add the other details afterward.

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ok, so my thinking was correct then. Ok, so that new line i am drawing is a line that represents shelves. I could use a dashed line but 2018pro does not have that ability. this might have to be added in LO:)

no, im not going to make this one 3d. that will be the next project i do though. In case i want to render some scenes. im just trying out an idea i had.

The Dashes feature was added with SU2019. You could create the dashed line in LayOut.

As for the edge of the shelf being shown thinner, you can’t do that in SketchUp directly. You can set Profile edges to 1 but then all the thicker edges will be shown thin, too. If you group the walls before drawing in the shelf so the shelf is not part of the same geometry, that edge that was dividing the faces won’t be so it’ll stay as a Profile edge. As above, add the line for the shelf in LayOut. Or you could put the plan on one layer, the shelf on another, create two different scenes and stack the viewports for those scenes in LO.

I did that for this workbench where I wanted to show the seam lines between the planks as thinner lines that all the rest.

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thats a good idea because i have to do 3 or 4 differnt plans because of ducts, cabinets, appliances, etc.

I can put cabinets and shelves on one plan view, then have counters and others on another view.

lol, right as you mentioned the grouping idea, i had just finished grouping me walls so that i could see if the line is thinner… and it is haha. tyhanks for that tip.

I have been taking this sketchup for professionals course online and its been fun. I have done some cool drawings of buildings. Plans are the next lesson, but he shows how to import a plan from a dwg file. Im doing this plan from a hand drawing that i drew up.