Layout Tabs and Line Weight

Hi - I am creating 2D plans in sketchup and bringing them into Layout. Can anyone advise on why my line weights are disrupted here? All is drawn as lines 2D in sketchup, save as a group and have separate tags. I would rather not stack scenes anymore to create uninterrupted line weights. It would be nice to have only one reference. This is not a section cut…Just a 2D drawing

What do yu mean by “my line weights are disrupted here”? It’s hard to tell from just a screen shot. Share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got exactly.

SketchUp, as you probably know, has no line weights. It has edges, profiles and section cut edges, and their display and relative thickness can be set in your style settings. An edge connects two faces that are visible in the view. A profile is an edge where only one of the faces is visible, or there is only one face.

Here is what i am talking about - both have faces but do not share an edge. They are both separate components but it appears one is before the other when in reality they are on the same plane.

just another perspective…it looks like the wall line is eclipsed wherever you have cabinets on the wall…curious exception is around the bathroom.

I usually see this when Im using stacked viewports and the higher viewport in the stack has lines that are of a different thickness and type then the lower viewport.

Question: even though you drew this in 2d in Sketchup did you group the cabinets separate from the walls? Based on the lineweights that are apparent on my monitor I would say this is a yes. Cabinets are obviously a different weight which makes me wonder if this is an image of a stack viewport arrangement and you don’t want to use it because you get this result?

Which then would mean you’re asking how someone else would solve a 2D drawing in Sketchup so that the thicker line weight of the walls is not eclipsed by the objects in the rooms. I would be of a mind to ask if you have tried putting walls at the top of the viewport stack so those lines overlap everything else.

Example. This is from yesterday. I have the stair case on a viewport, the cabinets on a viewport, and the walls on a viewport. In the first image the stair viewport is on the Plan - 0 layer above the walls on the Plan - 8 layer. Notice the overlap of the lines. In the second image I move the stair viewport on Plan - 0 down below the walls on Plan - 8. Notice that now the Wall lines overlap the stairs. Better result.

The graphics card has to choose which one to display. SketchUp is a 3D modeling application. Leverage that in your 2D drawing to put the one you want to show above the one you don’t mind not showing. Or move the cabinets very slightly away from the wall. In reality the edge of the cabinets could not be in the exact same location as the edge of the wall.

I see - very helpful everyone. Thank you so much!