Line weights in LO

Hi there,
Line weights by tag in LO doesn’t showing on the scene created by Curic Section Lite.
Are scenes needs to be created by SU native in order to control line weights in LO?

Share your LO file so we can see what you are working with. Generally section lines are not treated the same as real edges in the model so they won’t be affected by Line Scale set by tag.

No. But you should be creating scenes in SketchUp to use for the viewports unless your LO project is a one-off and you won’t ever need to go back to the SketchUp file and make edits. Without scenes you’ll be using Last saved SketchUp view which opens you up for all sorts of problems.

Forgot to mention that all Tag assigned to group or components and actual lines/faces are created in “untagged” . Thx.

That’s the right process but that doesn’t affect Section lines.

Thanks for prompt response.
All scenes are created in Sketchup (as you suggested).
OK, Section Cut lines I don’t need to control but other non-cut lines I’d like
to reduce the weight to create more “depth” on plans.

The scale of normal edges can be adjusted by Line Scale for the tag. It’s a scale multiplier for the Line Scale set for the viewport. Again, share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got set up.

I’m happy to share the file but it’s 148MB.
How do I share this file?

Dropbox and share the link.

OK, what email address should I share?

Post the link here or send it by PM by clicking on my name and then “Message”.

Is there a specific viewport that you’re trying to modify?

This one for example has the viewport Line Scale set to 0.10 pt. which will make all edges very thin and you likely won’t see much difference between them due to that multiplier.

FWIW, I had a quick look at your SketchUp model. Fixed incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 3_31_2023 , 5_02_26 PM

… purged unused stuff …
Screenshot - 3_31_2023 , 5_02_55 PM

… and reduced the size of some excessively large textures. This reduced the size of the SketchUp file by about 42%.

Thanks for quick notes.
Let’s focus on the first Image-siteplan.
I’d like to reduce the line weight of:
can you see this happen?

Hmmm still lot to learn.
Let’s focus on Siteplan
Can you change the line weight of:
in the viewport “siteplan” ?

I was able to change the color of contour line so the viewport is working.

You’ll need to set the viewport line scale to something higher than 0.01 point. There’s a limit to how thin the lines can be.

OK, If you set the viewport line to say 1pt can you see other tag lines controlled?

Yes. Consider that if you set the tag line scale to 0.5 point and the viewport scale is 0.1 that’s setting the line scale to 0.05 point. That’s 0.000694445 inch.

I set viewport line scale to 1pt & auto.
Tried color/weight change of 3.3-Walkway Tag (stair along left of driveway) but can’t see the changes.
Am I missing something?

Anything to do with Styles?

I suspect it has to do with Curic Section which I don’t have. I’ve copied the geometry of the patio to a separate file and in that I can change the dash setting. But it doesn’t seem to matter what style I apply in your SketchUp file. There’s no change.

Here I’ve copied your model to a new file, saved it, and sent it to LO. In LO I set the viewport scale to 1 point and set the patio tag to 0.4 point and also to red. It works fine. I don’t have the Curic Section extension.

Ah… I missed that. That would indeed override the tag setting.