LO Tags Line Weight Issue

I’m having an issue with adjusting Tags line weights in LO viewports. I’m attempting to use Skalp to create section cuts in SU, and Pattern Fill by Tag via the Skalp plugin in SU, then import these section cut scenes into LO. Then I’d like adjust the line weights in each viewport via the LO Tags settings.

The problem that the line weights will not change on these scenes in LO. The visibility wasn’t working but now has decided to. Wish the Tags line weight would magically do the same, ha!

A few other potentially helpful notes:

  • Using Estimator for Sketchup, and their Framer plugin, for construction massing and estimation.
  • I have Tags grouped with a main category Tag (for example: Wall_Studs & Wall_Header are grouped under Wall_Main)
  • When I create a simple drawing of a few grouped squares with different tags, I have full control over line weights in LO. It’s my larger model that isn’t responding to line weight changes.
  • I have tried to Pattern by Material instead in Skalp, to ensure that Pattern by Tag (Skalp) and Tags line weight adjustment (LO) weren’t messing with each other. This had no effect.

My Workflow Goals (in case it matters):

  1. Construction massing with [Framer] for Sketchup plugin and other modeling
  2. Estimate project with [Estimator] for Sketchup
  3. Rendering with SU [Poduim] plugin
  4. Section cuts and pattern fills with [Skalp]
  5. Line weight adjustment via Tags settings and notation in LO

I’m wondering there’s something about my grouping or how Skalp creates a section cut that is overriding the Tag line weight adjustment in LO???

Looking for any suggestions here as I thought I had developed a perfect workflow for my projects until I imported to LO and found that I had no line weight control. It would be a great time for SU to release pattern fill by tag in LO so I could skip the Skalp plugin altogether.

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@AudioVirtueAcoustics Everything is very simple. Skalp Section lines (hatch and section cut lines) are not actually lines and therefore their thickness cannot be changed in Layout. See attached file!

Skalp section.pdf (504,5 KB)

Ok, I didn’t realize that. So the new SU/LO feature to adjust line weights in LO will not work with a Skalp section cut? I’m guessing this means that this feature will only work with a SU native section cut (without pattern fill)? If so this is sad sad news.

If I’m understanding you correctly, the new lineweight feature doesn’t work with native SU section cuts

SU native Section Line Width can be set in the Style palette from 1 to 20. What do these numbers mean? These are neither dots, pixels, nor millimeters, the section line will be displayed 1 to 10 times wider than all other design lines (the default 1 will be the same width). Here is an example of how max width looks inside SU.


Not too attractive.

Now about LO. Here, the SU native section line width becomes dependent on the Line scale selected in the SketchUp Model dialog, but will retain the same ratio to the thickness of the other lines as set for the particular style in the SU model. For example, if you choose a line scale of 0.5 pt, then in my case (at a multiplier of 20) it will be 10 pt, if 1 pt then 20 pt wide (at very small numbers, the difference practically disappears). That should at least be the case. In fact, this is not the case:

The same line width ratios remain in the Vector, Raster, and Hybrid views.

It is safe to say that if you set the section line width to more than 1, it will be wider than the other lines at the appropriate scale. How many times exactly is a question for the SU Team. I have not seen precise indications of this anywhere.

Did it bring any clarity?

This does help clarify. Thanks for your time on this. Guess the plan is to rethink whether auto/quick line weight or pattern fill is better for my drawings (i.e. whether to use native SU section cuts and apply pattern file in LO or to use Skalp section cuts and forgo altering line weights).

I don’t like raster in LO at all, I try not to use it. However, I believe that, if necessary, the Skalp Section cut pattern can be successfully combined with SU native section cut line. Only then should the Hybrid view be selected.

This conversation made me remember an issue that I had long wanted to clarify. Why LO doesn’t remember user choice of how the SU models are displayed. Each time I am forced to convert the imported model from Raster to Vector and change the line scale width or use a style copy tool. It’s annoying and time consuming.

Why not create a template with some dummy SketchUp file? Relink with the real project.

I have several templates and dummy files, but that doesn’t solve the problem. I can define the styles of all the other elements in them, but not the style for new imported models. If one project has around 100 pages and at least the same number of models are imported, it is very time consuming.

They are screen pixels.

You’re right. Thanks for the addition!

When you create a scrapbook with the viewports of the ‘dummy’ and set all the settings (scale, render settings, style) you only have to relink it., once dragged in yourworking file. Less work, still, 100 pages is a lot of work…


It’s true. The specifics of my work require different tunes for different projects. Sometimes also very individual, which will never happen again. I’ve also tried using Scrapbook, but have come to the conclusion that it takes me more time to manage than I would then get back. So I would be happy if LO remembered my SketchUp Model style settings. In the worst case, I would have to copy it once per session if I had worked with other settings before. But not every time I import a new model!

I always keep a ‘live’ scrapbook for this. (open scrapbook for editing) With 2020.2, the individual relink is an improvement, I might say, for relinking individual viewports.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I may have given up too soon or may not have noticed any improvements. I will definitely try it again at some free time.

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