Section Line weights

When I create a section drawing in SketchUp, it assigns 1 line weight to everything that gets cut through. Is there a way to disable this feature?

In most cases I want structural elements to appear as thicker line weights, but I’ve been having to draw them in manually in layout sometimes because Sketchup doesn’t use the line weights associated with layers when you place a section cut.

Not sure if there’s a way around this but any tips would be appreciated.


Are you asking for the section cut to be displayed thinner than the real edges in the model?

What layers are you referring to?

Right, I meant to say Tags not layers, but I get the two mixed up sometimes.

So for example In a wall section I might have a concrete tag for the fdn wall, and then a separate tag for the studs, and another for gypsum board on the interior side. This way when I go into layout I can adjust the line weight for each of these tags.

The issue I’m having is that when I place a section through this wall, it applies 1 section cut line weight to everything regardless of the tag.

Does that make sense or would it be better if I attach an image?

OK. I think I understand what you are getting at. Section lines aren’t treated like “real” geometry. To do what you want to do, you can create a group from slice for the section plane and tag that group appropriately. If you want to set the line weight of the slice differently than the the foundation, studs, etc., give the group from slice a different tag.

Here I’ve done that and made the section cut lines heavier and red.

You could also use TIG’s Section Cut Face to add the section cut lines along with “real” faces that can have materials applied to them.


Okay thanks, that should do the trick for now. I just hope in the future, they make a way to disable section driven line weights. I’ve never been in a situation yet where it’s been useful to have all cut lines as the same thickness.

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With the Skalp section extension you can define deferent section materials with different section cut widths for every materials. Materials can be assigned to tags, objects, labels, …