Line thickness problem on SU 2019

Ive recently renewed my subscription and opted for SU 2019. I’ve previously been using SU 2018.

When I start a new window the lines look really thick? does anyone else have this problem/know how to fix it?

the line thickness seems fine when I open an old SU 2018 in SU 2019.

Im using a 2017 MacBook Pro on 10.14.4

grateful for any help!

Since older models look fine in SU2019, it sounds like a style difference. Compare the edge settings for the style you have been using in the past with those in the template you are using now when SU2019 opens. Most likely Profiles are set to something higher than 1 in the 2019 Template. If that’s the case, set them to match your old version. I leave them set to 1.

If you were using a custom template in SU2018, you can either recreate it in SU2019 or easier, copy that template over. The easiest way without needing to access hidden files is to open SU2018 and immediately save the file somewhere, maybe your desktop. Then open SU2019, open that file you just saved and click File.Save as template. Give it a name and make sure it is set to be the default.


Thanks, Sorted!

You probably ment your Maintenance and Support for your classic license.
Subscriptions are bought for a period of a year and they started selling them with the introduction of version 2019, in february.

You cannot subscribe to older versions.

There has not been a transition plan for classic license owners who want to opt for a subscription other then: buy one

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