Line Jitter issue around model

I’m not entirely sure how I should articulate the problem which perhaps has colored my google search results as I attempted to resolve this issue myself. The best way I can describe what’s happening is that the lines in my model are jitterbugging around as I zoom and pan–reminiscent of the pixilation found in raster images.

The following is a GIF sort of outlining what I’m experiencing.


Now, I selected the line bounding the faces of the road illustrated here, and hid them. Though, I don’t think this caused the problem because it was happening regardless of those lines. The scale is quite large and may be a camera issue? I have no idea and I’m at a frustrating loss. Obviously I want my model to look the best its little jumble-of-polygons can look.

Here is the link to my model which I uploaded in case anyone wanted to look into this problem in any greater depth beyond what a GIF might be able to show. (side note, I couldn’t seem to get the ‘embed’ feature to work from the Warehouse… maybe I’m doing that wrong?)

3D Warehouse Link

But, hey, I appreciate any help or insight.

I can’t get your GIF to play so I can’t see what you are describing. Orbiting around, though, the only thing I see that might be your “jitter issue” is on the thin yellow line but that’s to be expected considering how narrow it is on screen.

You are looking at a raster image on screen.

If you’re seeing more than I am, look at updating your graphics drivers and see if that helps.

What version of SketchUp?

Possibly the profiles moving on the terrain?

Sketchup Make 2017

What do you mean by the profiles moving?

The black edges you see growing longer and shorter.

The Profile edges will get longer and shorter as you orbit because they only display when there’s a certain angle between faces.

You mean on the terrain itself? That’s another issue I’ll delve into at a later date, but I mean particularly the road (the small yellow line as mentioned by DaveR). There do seem to be small black lines that result in the tessellation around the yellow line but I’m not sure if that’s what you mean here.

My brain could be fried from staring at this model for too long though and I could just be somewhat dense and brain-dead right now.

That thin yellow line is so narrow that you should expect it to flicker as you orbit. Some parts of it are narrower than the pixels on the screen.

Out of curiosity, how did you get the terrain into SketchUp? And where is this?

Your terrain is more than a nautical mile long. This could cause issues in some cases.

Sorry, I think I missed the main issue. I saw the black profile edges on the hills growing longer and shorter.

The ‘back’ faces may be bleeding through?

The process was entirely too convoluted. I took this transportation corridor in Tehachapi, California, USA on Sandcanyon Road, as my project. The terrain was generated from a combination of methods, namely, geolocation with terrain, topographic contours, from contours, and a projected texture. I had to do this method because the multiple terrain additions from geolocation were having overlap issues. So, I had to consolidate them in an extra ordinary way in the hopes of saving time with editing the geolocation maps and stitching them together by hand. I’m not sure if I accomplished saving myself time, though.

Interesting since Geolocation terrain isn’t available in SketchUp Make. Or are you using the Pro trial?

I guess? It doesn’t say ‘pro-trial’ in the header but I suppose this is how I’m able to take advantage of this feature.

I don’t think there are competing faces here. I used the drape tool to make the road.

at this scale, using flat colors for the road will elliminate many of the raster artefacts…

turning shadows and profiles off as well…


Given the large size of your model compared to the line, you may be seeing limitations of the OpenGL display system. When you view two superimposed things from a large distance, they have effectively the same distance from the camera and the display has trouble deciding which to show or if the line has become too small to show. If you zoom in closer does the problem go away?

Certainly it does and this limitation makes sense. I had simply hoped there was a way around this cumbersome visualization. Maybe something along the lines of what is seen in the video game industry with a Load-on-Distance type of effect. That might make for an interesting plugin but it’s far outside my scope of ability.

Do you know if there is an out of the box type of solution? For instance, sketchup is having an issue distinguishing between these lines and their spacing but I might be able to take an image file and project that onto a single face rather than several segmentations? Oh, shoot. Now I’m just spitballing. This would only work for half of my project as it stands now! Drat. Confounded to boot.

Maybe you can just split the model into separate files? How will you be using it?