Line disappears when copying

This has been happening now for months. When copying a single line at a given distance the line disappears after entering the distance. This has happened several times, on all different models. ANy suggestions?


There is already a topic discussing this. We are working on a fix for the issue, but for now the work around is to type the distance again. For example, move/copy a line some distance away, type 10 Enter, the line disappears. Type 10 Enter again, and the new line appears in the right location.

Thanks for the update. But FYI, I can type “10” over and over, and it will not copy. KED

Pressing Enter is important. If that doesn’t work around the problem it may be you have a different issue. Do you have a way to make a screen recording to show the problem happening? Or, post a small example file with steps on how to show the problem.

In what cases does this problem seem to occur. I can’t reproduce it at all.

Here is my test case file. Follow the steps shown in the text.

Copy Mode Mode Type 2 Enter.skp (529.0 KB)

Ah… I see why I don’t have the problem. When I want to copy an edge I get the Move tool and immediately activate Copy before I even click on the edge. I never start by moving the entity and then switching to Copy. The order of operations you show in your text feels clumsy to me.


Yes, that’s important. The step where I do axis locking first is not important, the copy fails if you just eyeball move in the blue direction, without any axis locking.

Could you confirm that when it fails, immediately typing 2 Enter does make the line stay?

I can confirm, when I follow your instructions in that order, typing a 2 and pressing Enter a second time does result in the copy. As I wrote, though, it feel clumsy.

Sometimes testing steps have to be what it takes to show the issue, and need not be steps that anyone would actually do. In my case though I would sometimes let the Move tool pick up the line, start to do the move, tap the copy modifier, and type a value. No axis locking steps, but the problem would still happen.