Lightweight Steel Framing

Are there any lightweight steel framing plugins for sketchup that can export to forming machines?

Here’s an example standalone software suite

Revit has a few addons such as StrucSoft and would love to find something to sketchup.

Maybe something like this?

Thanks @Cotty I’ve been dealing with @AndrewRubySketch concerning timber framing and roofs in PlusSpec.
Not sure if PlusSpec can frame lightweight steel and interface with forming machines, but I will certainly speak with Andrew on the matter in due course.

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@robhurd @Cotty Guys we have been working hard on this for some time: Update as of Jan 2024. PlusDesignBuild and PlusArchitect have steel floor joist and light weight wall framing options, PlusDesignBuild does a Takeoof and cut list that exports to CSV. Its just new so we are open to feedback as we continue to develop these functions.
Heres is the link to the website best to book a demo but ask for Andrew to do it.

Hi Guys sorry for the late reply. We do build custom plugins for manufacturers, yet most of the time the manufacturer gets us to add them to PlusSpec so the user base can specify their product. We did a custom plug in for an opening louver company in Australia. It is possible to do a cut list and also choose the profile to be folded for a forming machine. It would be a custom script to suit your actual needs yet I can see it to be a big time saver. I have had a bit to do with machine cut systems, PlusSpec already will deliver a cut list for framing. Would need to look into the specifics. Feel free to PM with the details. I may be able to help if not I should be able to point you in the right direction.

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