Lights for Twin Motion

I know this is a sketchup forum but I want to know if there are sketchup objects that will be made into lights when exported to Twin Motion? I am having a hard time finding out if this is even something that can be done let alone how. Any info would be great.

Maybe try here: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation

There are not sketchup objects that will be converted to lights automatically upon import to to Twinmotion. When you add lights in Twinmotion there is no geometry for the source so you can place the light at or inside of any geometry you have made in SketchUp.

No this is not possible in Unreal or Twinmotion as the lights are specific to Unreal Engine, so you have to place them there.

The only workaround would be to create a material in SketchUp, then once you have imported it to Unreal or Twinmotion you would do a ‘find and replace’ and swap it with an emissive material. But emiisive materials may not behave how you want to show your lights.

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Making SketchUp geometry into a light source

Thanks guys that is what I figured unfortunately. It is just so fiddley and tedious to put them in all the can lights…

Good thought. I am also sandwiching a material in my glass plane so that I can make the glass look like the light is actually hitting it more.

It can be. If you know the grid spacing of your lights you can leverage Twinmotions copy array function to add lots at a time. But for lights not on a grid it can be time consuming.

Hi, there is actually a “replace objects” function in Twimotion, so, if all your lights in SU are easily selectable (like all in the same group), you should be able to easily replace them all in one operation by sphere light, for example.

Here a video from them on that matter : Replace object | Tips & Tricks | Twinmotion - YouTube

Of course, native SU components will be better.

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I will look into that thanks. :slight_smile: