License Woes - Extension Warehouse

Hi I paid for the extension Easysketch and i received an email right away with the license key. once i activated the license key it was working but the my sketch up crashed. i went to pull sketch up back up and to continue to work on my project now i am completely kick out the extension it wont allow me to place any components only modifying them and it keeps telling me to enter the license key and when i do it tells me that the license have al ready been activated

Contact EasySketch direct.
No one here can help - only they can…

unless it’s bought from Extension Warehouse. In such case on SketchUp staff can help, not the extension developer.

Djenipher99 also has issues with their login so it could be related.

EW staff might help, but of course if it were a matter of a corrupted license, problem with accessing their license server etc, or even something wrong with the EasySketch coding etc - in that case the author is the best initial contact.
Also remember that this forum is not always the best first point of contact with EW or other SketchUp staff either…

Did you receive the email on your EDU email or another?
If you open the Extension Warehouse and hoover over your name, click ‘myextension’
Do you see the Extension?

If not, go to the Extension Warehouse in a browser, sign in with the other account and check there.

Not at all. If the extension was bought from the extension Warehouse there is nothing whatsoever the extension author can do about it.

Of course the author might be able to help - e.g. if their license server in down…
Not all extensions are licensed through the EW, several use external 3rd party licensing systems…
But even if it were, then the author can remonstrate with the guys at EW IF he thinks it’s their issue…

I especially said this applied to extensions bought through the Extension Warehouse, which also happens to be the topic of this thread. And there is nothing whatsoever the author can do in such a case except forwarding the email to the SketchUp team, with an explanation to the user that there is nothing the author can do. Contacting the author when Extension Warehouse is malfunctioning is just a waste of our time. Please don’t do this.

You didn’t appreciate that the recent poster went slightly off topic in that it’s a report of an EasySketch licensing problem - not an EW licensing issue per se.
I happen to know that EasySketch uses a 3rd party subscription licensing system.
We don’t know where this poster got his copy of EasySketch from.
It is listed on EW [and my best guess is from there as they latched onto this post’s title], BUT EasySketch is also available from the EasySketch website, and from the SketchUcation PluginStore - BUT in all cases contacting the EW would be pointless…
Because in every case the EasySketch subscription is arranged separately from the EW, and is paid for through their own website, so this is NOT anything to do with the EW.
It is not an EW ‘malfunction’.
In the case of this specific issue, contacting EasySketch IS the right way to go…

In the specific case of EasySketch and other plugins with third party licenses, contacting the author works, but since this topic will be visited for years to come I think it is very important to mention this isn’t the general case, and doesn’t at all apply to what the thread was actually about, the Extension Warehouse licenses. Every other day I have to explain to people how I’m not in control of Extension Warehouse and can’t fix its issues. I have to deal with licensing issues far more often than actual support related to how my extensions function.

I’ll re-title the thread to make it less EW-centric !

I’ll re-title it back as this was an announcement about a specific EW issue. Really Djenipher99 off topic comment should have been moved to a new thread right away but now it’s probably too late as the meta discussion then woudln’t make sense. It can however be done if the thread is hijacked again in the future.

Why wasn’t this thread locked ages ago ?
It’s over a year since the last EW-related post.
Although, interestingly the last few posts even a year ago related to Estimator - which, like EasySketch, is available from the EW and other sources, but again is licensed separately, with payment made at the Estimator website, and not the EW itself !

If it were locked then the new poster would have had to start a new thread…

There has been several threads discussing threads being locked, and ironically new threads where needed to continue the discussion due to this very feature. I think there was more or less a consensus about it being an annoying feature causing more mess than it fixed. To go back to this specific thread it would be valid to post here if someone was experiencing licensing issues with Extension Warehouse again.

Yes most of the intricacies around licensing is lost on people who don’t spend much of their time thinking about licensing, ecommerce, entitlements.

In this case, EasySketch is not sold on Extension Warehouse. Licenses to it are only sold through the developer directly. The best solution here would be to contact the Author. This is their listed support portal: