License and recurring costs? Please help

Hi one and all,

So I have been using sketchup since it was aligned with Google and had a massive shock to realize you now need to purchase a pro license.

My work want me to move forward with a drawing/design program and primarily work with Layout.

My question is - which I cannot seem to find the answer clearly anywhere is:

After purchase of the initial license, are there additional costs or recurring fees such as a yearly cost to continue using it for commercial purposes?
Could I for example buy a license for the latest version and use it for the next 3 years without having to pay for the license each 12 months again?

Many Thanks.

you won’t get a new/additional license but license data for the new version of the same license.

If you purchase a license for SU2017 with 1 year of maintenance and support being mandatory yet, the next version 2018 is very likely included as a free upgrade end of this year.

Thanks for the quick reply - so if I continued to use the version I purchase the licence for (assume SU17 for e.g.) I could continue to produce drawing for the next 3 to 4 years without need of purchasing a yearly licence?

a SU Pro license can be used without any time limit, in the boundaries of the according system requirements of course.