License agreement question

i have emailed support, about two weeks ago and have heard nothing back regarding a question i have about the pro license. Maybe someone on here can help me out.

I am in the education department and recieve my codes form the state of utah board of education. Here is my question. For the pro education license, can a public library be part of that system? IE, my public library called me last mmonth about wanting to get a 3d printer setup for the students to use for projects or just for learning. They were wondering about software. Since i think sketchup is an amazing tool, i was wondering if they can use one of the education licenses. they only need a max of 2 since they only have two PC’s that will hook to the 2 3d printers.


If granted a Teacher license that comes with an amount of educational network seats, that license is personal and not to be ‘shared’ with others. Educational licenses are for students and public librarie- employees are not students…

Perfect. Thats what i thought as well. I wanted to tripple check because our libraires are under the department of education here and in an email from trimble that they can be shared with in the department of education but not for higher education and since our libraries here are under the department of edu, i wanted to make sure boefore something un-professional happened. Thank you much.

Now, is there a discounted pro version for public library to use?

You could contact SketchUp, they have programs:

Since the library is a separate entity, they would need to get their own license. I would recommend talking with our EDU and Non-profit reseller directly about pricing and options:
Creation Engine, Inc.

Tel: 800.431.8713 or: 650.934.0176
Fax: 650.934.3234


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Thank you all for the replies. i will be contacting them shortly to figure out the best course of action for them:)