School license and personal user

I have gained a SketchUp Pro license via. my school NTNU, for architectual use. This license is on the IT departement at NTNU. However, I would like to access the 3D- and extension warehouse. When I try this, it says i need to log in to my account. Can i log into my own account, or do i have to “use” the account of the head of IT at my facaulty?
Will logging into my own account cause issues with the license?

You should probably contact Customer Support but I expect you need to use the same sign in that is used for the license.

Signing into SketchUp signs you in to the warehouses as well.

You could access the 3D Warehouse through your internet browser instead using your account. Then download the components you need and import them into SketchUp. The same would apply for the Extension Warehouse although for that you might as well use the license sign-in.

Thank you. The main problem is that the person this license is asigned to does not currently work here. there are also 150 “spaces” in this license for each of the students. Wouldnt that cause problems if everyone were to log in?

I guess if they have 150 seats and all are used, the 151st person wouldn’t be able to sign in and use SketchUp anyway.

If the library has 4 copies of a book and they are all checked out when you go to get a copy, you 'd have to wait until a copy is returned.

No sorry thats not what i meant. But my point is that the IT departement wont give us access to the account. They would have to give us the personal password for this.

Unfortunately, this is not something anyone outside of your school can do anything about. They own the licenses and are in charge of distribution.

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So based on Aaron’s information, you can use the alternative I suggested before.

Yes, i tried it, and it works fine. Thank you for your help!

If it is a network or laptop license (with a serial number) it should pop up in the license window in the classic tab.

( if it is a subscription you need to sign in anyway)

You can sign in with your personal email or Trimble ID and that wouldn’t affect the activation of the license.
Then you can download directy in the model (although it’s better to have an empty model open and download in there to checkup the downloaded stuff)

Thabk you. That is excatly what the license is.