Licence Issues and Support Issues

ARGRGGGGG someone help please…

I have a pro licence - but it thinks its expired…
I try to fill in support form request… it says Not working try again in 300 seconds…

How on earth do I get in contact with a real person to help - any ideas please? Cant see an email, phone number, or any other contact methods… even tried facebook message but just a bot


Your renewed subscription is not yet assigned to anyone. Sign into this page:

Make sure the account you are looking at is your Crest one. Choose Members from the left of the page, and in the entry for you in the list, click on the dots to set what products you have access to. Once you give yourself permission to use the Pro subscription, you should then be able to sign in within SketchUp to see that your subscription is active.

I will alert Support that there may be a problem with the contact form.

Thanks Colin!
Not sure why that would suddenly be an issue - but worked great thank you.
Been using sketchup for many many months and never seen or edited that before.

Normally subscriptions auto renew, but I think you turned that off, and so manually renewed. When doing that there is a checkbox that is usually checked, that assigns the subscription to the email of the person paying for the subscription. That box must have been unchecked somehow.